17 October 2011

AN/SPY-1 Materiel Readiness Improvement Program

Last week VADM Rick Hunt, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Pacific (CNSP) and RADM Dave Thomas, Commander, Naval Surface Forces, Atlantic (CNSL) released a combined message officially establishing the CNSP/CNSL AN/SPY-1 Materiel Readiness Improvement Program.
The actions in this program are very important steps toward improving the overall maintenance and performance of the Spy radar and Aegis weapons system. I’ve included the message here and encourage you to give it a read and let me know what you think.
All the best, JCHjr


Anonymous said...

Outstanding message with a strategic tone of own your equipment and deck plate maintenance based actions. Really inspiring to see this message released by CNSP and CNSL vice the old leader of a CNSF boardroom. CNSP and CNSL legitimizes this action from a traditional Navy C2 platform where authority and accountability are unmistakably aligned! Now, hoping the NAVSEA arena aligns accountability to a person and not a boardroom. Rest in eternal Peace Admiral Wayne E. Meyer

Anonymous said...

A lengthy message that says "do your job", here's another report you must compile and if we under manned you in the technical rating, just ask for a waiver.
Might have been nice to see a sentence that asks for feedback on what each ship is encountering that causes such an overall degradation of our frontline system.
Just an opinion, which you asked for
V/R retired 0-6

FixinShips said...

Minus a really cool graph they built, this has been a requirement in the SPY system tech manual and CSOSS since it came out many years ago. Very few folks follow that guidance, why do we expect new guidance without teeth to have any better success. Programs like this help the guys who are already good get better; the rest find a way to waiver it or just blow it off and sink to the bottom of the barrel until some O-6 or above finds out and asks "how could it get this bad?", then we knee jerk the other way.

My concern is we have now have an entire generation of Officers and CPO's who dont know what true readiness is, nor are they really inclined to learn as it's hard. Some will, but the real trend won't change until today's E-5's become CPO's and todays ENS/LTJG become O-6. Everyone else just wants to defend status quo because their budget and social standing is tied to it.

Find me an organization that will give up funding to someone else's project for the good of the Navy as a whole and I'll follow that person to the end.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how we continue placing hte blame of failures on the CPO and J/O community. Last time I checked thier input was never taking into account when we slashed billets in teh technical community or when we under took the complete failure of "Revolution in Training". As a young CPO I remember speaking up at a staff meeting in ATRC Dahlgren stating this was going to break the fleet. The response was this is NETC's pet project so you will support. NETC is a 2-star billet. NETC supports USFFC's needs. Whne will the Flag community step up to the plate and say they failed the Navy and let congress know what really needs to happen? Stop worrying about your carer's. "Anchor up"!