16 March 2012

Surface Force Readiness Manual (SFRM)

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the official signing of our new Surface Force Readiness Manual (SFRM) by VADM Rick Hunt and RADM Dave Thomas. The SFRM represents a truly significant step forward for the Surface Navy and I’m very excited for the strategic direction it brings to the Fleet.
Throughout the twelve months of drafting and reviewing this document, our teams (East and West coast TYCOM staffs) have worked very closely together to collect and adjudicate over 600 comments from stakeholders across the entire spectrum of Surface readiness. This collaborative approach produced a robust and highly scrutinized readiness policy that I believe will better prepare our ships and crews for the many significant demands we face today.

Now, I understand this instruction is not perfect. In my 39 years in the Navy, I’ve dealt with a lot of training systems and policies, some good and some bad, but none have been perfect. But I do believe this manual represents a very well-developed point of departure that has us headed fair in the channel. Much additional work remains to be done, and future course corrections will be required, but the important point is that we are now on the right path with a directive based on fundamental tenets that are relevant and make sense.

I encourage you to read through the SFRM and let me know what you think.
All the best, JCHjr

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