12 January 2011

Surface Navy Association (SNA) Symposium


Tomorrow I will be speaking at the SNA Symposium in Crystal City, VA from 0915-1000. For those of you who may not be aware, SNA is an organization that brings together active duty, reserve and retired military and all others who share a common interest in the Navy’s Surface Warfare community.

For those of you who can attend, this year I will be taking a different approach on my presentation and will use my personal cruise book photos to illustrate my journey through our Navy – from my first ship, USS ENTERPRISE, to my major command tour, CO USS CAPE ST GEORGE.  I intend to discuss the key lessons I learned along the way that I believe remain relevant today and some of the significant changes our Navy has undergone over my 38 years of active duty.

For those of you who cannot attend, I’ve posted my presentation below.
All the best, JCHjr

Update: You can view the video of my presentation here.


Anonymous said...

I will not be able to attend, but this looks like a PPT presentation as it should be...in support of the dialog. An update with the transcript would be greatly appreciated.


B. Walthrop

John Byron said...

Nicely done. The implicit contrast is profound.

Anathema said...

Superb presentation!

NVYGUNZ said...

Nicely done Sir! Wish I could have been there to see & hear it live. Unfortunately for me, the CRA scrubbed my travel plans. I was really looking fwd to going this year -- especially since I'll be back in the SURFOR later this year. Maybe next year. Hope your presentation was well received.


Mike Lambert said...

I am posting a link back here from my blog. Thank you Admiral. Your open discussion of this topic is greatly appreciated.

Unknown said...

As usual, Authentic, from the gut with a whole lot of heart. One hour of pure salty leadership. If I were teaching at CLS, I would cement this video in the curriculum.

Refreshingly inspirational!

Prouder to serve ---THANK YOU!!

mike said...

Add the video to PCO/PXO and every leadership class down the line to PO indoc. It is an hour truly worthy of being added to the curriculum of every Navy leadership class. Inspiring.

Vr/Mike Lambert
USN - retired

BostonMaggie said...

"You play the hand you're dealt"

Quite right & well played, sir.

Please pass along my thanks to Mrs. Harvey as well.

CWO3 Mark Fortune USN Ret. said...

Truly inspiring message! I wish I had seen it while I was still on active duty. I couldn't agree more with Captain Lambert's post! Show this in every Naval Leadership class possible.