08 August 2011

Memo from John Paul Jones

I recently received a letter from RADM Rob Wray, President, Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) that he has been handing out to his staff as part of an ethics training package. The letter, written as if from John Paul Jones, is a great example of what he might say to our officers today on the meaning of being an officer and serving in command.
RADM Wray did a superb job putting this letter together; I encourage you to take a few minutes to read it, think about it, and pass it on to your colleagues.
You can download a copy here.
All the best, JCHjr


mike said...


As usual, this one is a gem. I hope that RADM Wray or you have already sent this over to PXO/PCO school. Great stuff.

Vr/Captain Mike Lambert

Anonymous said...

Admiral: As usual, you are astutely aware of seemingly everything happening in the Navy yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I don't know how you find the time, but you manage to continue to enlighten us and reaffirm that which we Sailors know to be true: You are a true leader and a superb guide through the briar patch we call the 21st century; yet, you are ever mindful of those who came before you and set the course all naval officers should be sailing. Bravo Zulu again, sir. I love reading your blog and the materials you bring to our attention. I believe they are producing the intended impact: they make us THINK!


NVYGUNZ said...

That was AWESOME! Wish I saw more similar letters or command philosophies of this caliber posted at the 06-04 levels. A lot of officers and enlisted personnel for that matter could learn a lot by reading such letters. It was a great reminder of what's expected on and off duty. Thx Admiral!


Anonymous said...

Great article. Again, back to the basics. Put the focus back where it belongs; tactics, material condition of the ship, professionalism, training, and above all, the Sailors. As I said before the focus of the Navy has been political correctness, PRT, uniforms, and using the military as an experiment for society. For the last 5 years the major "advancements" in the Navy was the uniform, PRT, eval guide, bla bla bla. Don't forget about continuation boards, even if you have a 3 years left on your contract...the Navy could cut you. I know designed for under performers, but you cannot expect loyalty from a program like that. Either you honor the contract or you do not let people reenlist longer then 1 year. Great articles.

Anonymous said...

What a way to set the tone. This letter is an exhortation to all officers, and I appreciate the way it addresses women as well (despite the frequent, but pitch-perfect use of "the men"). Inspiring.
On a separate note, I wonder what JPJ would think of social media sites, where an officer can "friend" one of "the men?"