23 April 2012


Earlier this month RADM Patrick Brady, Commander, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (COMSPAWAR) and his team provided me with an update on the SPAWAR Acquisition Integrated Logistics Online Repository (SAILOR) 2.1. SAILOR 2.1 is a self-help website for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems that provides the Fleet with the capability to complete training, troubleshoot software and equipment, and receive technical documentation and support online.

SAILOR 2.1 is particularly useful for our Information Systems Technicians (IT) and Electronics Technicians (ET), who use the "one-stop" nature of the website to display and download technical manuals and troubleshoot shipboard software and hardware systems. The website also gives our underway Sailors the ability to communicate about issues and exchange information with the Global Distance Support Center and the C4I help desk through various blogs and technical forums, which typically decreases troubleshooting and repair times.

One of the most impressive features of SAILOR 2.1 is the new "tech tube," (similar to You Tube) which our Sailors can use to view "how to" videos (produced by C4I In Service Engineering Agents at SPAWAR) of solutions to some of the most common issues experienced in the Fleet. These step-by-step video tutorials are available on demand 24/7 by anyone who has a SAILOR 2.1 account.

Based upon surveys, SAILOR 2.1 has received very positive feedback from our Sailors for the capabilities it brings to the Fleet and its ability to operate much quicker and more responsively than the previous version. In 2011, the site was used over 50,000 times by over 250 ships to download technical and logistics information concerning onboard networks and communication systems. I am personally impressed with SAILOR 2.1’s capabilities and believe it has great potential; however, I’m interested in what our Fleet Sailors think.

If you are a C4I professional who has not yet taken advantage of this tool, sign up for an account today (https://sailor.nmci.navy.mil), take a look around the site, and let me know what you think. I’ll make sure your feedback is passed to our support team at SPAWAR.
All the best, JCHjr


Anonymous said...

The concept sounds great, like many other NAVSEA/SPAWAR programs...but when a large majority of ships company aren't able to complete basic PMS, evidenced by many of the assessment teams at RMCs/TYCOMs and those newly anointed ones from NAVSEA. How are they going to comprehend whats in this new computer (CBT) assistance program?
Retired 0-6

RDML Gretchen Herbert, Commander, Navy Cyber Forces said...

Retired 0-6,

I believe you are referring to the increased complexity of C4I systems and the corresponding increase in the baseline skill level required of shipboard, RMC and TYCOM personnel to operate, maintain, assess and repair those systems. SAILOR 2.1 is addressing this very issue in several ways. First, SPAWAR has consolidated multiple "fleet support" websites (down from eight) into the single "one stop" SAILOR 2.1 site. SAILOR 2.1 now provides an end-to-end view of logistics and technical documentation across multiple C4I systems.

Additionally, SAILOR 2.1 dramatically simplified the availability of ship-specific information with the incorporation of "one-click" access. With a single push of a button, users are able to retrieve ship-specific technical manuals, IAVA patches and network configuration information. This feature has significantly increased user participation and data consumption by fleet C4I professionals, including those at RMCs and TYCOMs. More than 60% of SAILOR 2.1's 6,000 registered users return to the site at least once a week; they have downloaded over 75,000 technical documents, IAVA patches and software since the beginning of 2011.

And the best indicator of SAILOR 2.1's usefulness comes from direct fleet feedback by those who have used it:

“SAILOR (2.1) is a critical and invaluable tool for the fleet. The fact that it offers one stop shopping, tailored specifically for each ship is a major breakthrough.” - CW04 (TYCOM N6 Staff)

“I never knew this website existed!...I love it! This website is something I wish [I] had access to before.” - ITC (DDG COMMS LCPO/IAM)

“Someone finally listened to the fleet Sailors and placed a majority of our C4I systems in a single location” - ITC (DDG)

Bottom line, the content of SAILOR 2.1 is straight-forward and much more "user friendly" than its various predecessors. I assess real value via deck-plate feedback and thus far, responses have been encouragingly positive.

RDML Gretchen Herbert, Commander, Navy Cyber Forces