19 July 2012

ATFP Tips Smartphone App

As part of our increased focus on our Anti-Terrorism / Force Protection (ATFP) mission over the past three years, Fleet Forces recently released a smartphone application that gives our Sailors (and any other user) the ability to anonymously report an illegal or suspicious activity directly from his or her handset.

Below are a few of the key features of this app:
• Users communicate directly with NCIS through a secure encrypted SSL socket connection
• No personally identified information is ever obtained or stored regarding the device
• Users anonymously report what they have observed or their suspicion
• Users can attach pictures
• Reports are sent to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) for investigation and action
• User remains anonymous while communicating back-and-forth with NCIS
• Users can reply with the word STOP to immediately break the connection
• Users can enter ‘free text’ and not be restricted to drop-down menu choices

The ATFP Tips application is free for everyone and can be downloaded and installed directly to your iPhone or Android. Once you have the app on your phone, you can map all your reports to NCIS by selecting the “Federal/Military” option and then clicking on “NCIS.” After you complete these steps, you’ll have all the reporting features I listed above.

As we’ve discussed in the past, effective ATFP requires participation from everyone (“if you see something, say something”). This app provides our Sailors with a simple, yet very effective way to actually make a difference at no cost to themselves but the time it takes to make the call.
All the best, JCHjr


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