27 July 2010

Fleet Operations - Serial 007


I am transmitting my final Serial - Fleet Operations - after a year in command. This Serial is built upon our work together over the past year and puts our focus squarely on the DISCIPLINED EXECUTION OF FLEET OPERATIONS.

To remind, my Guidance reflects what I learned from you during my first six months in command. The Serials direct the actions we must take to adjust Fleet operations and behaviors in order to deliver forces ready for tasking. Our forces are ready for tasking if, and only if, they are able to effectively employ their combat systems to the limit of their designed capability and sustain that effective employment for the entire duration of the deployment.

Disciplined execution will be required to provide ready forces today and sustain today's Fleet into the future. We've got the 80% solution for many of the issues before us -- so now it's time to move out, ensure vigorous follow-up, and adjust course as necessary on the final approach to station.

I have great confidence in you and in the Sailors and Navy civilians we are honored and privileged to lead. I look forward to continue to work alongside you to overcome the challenges ahead and keep our Fleet the global, responsive and relevant force it is today. One Team - One Fight!

All the best, JCHjr

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