23 February 2012

Recent Comments on Our Blog

I’ve received numerous comments on this blog about potential mismanagement of Navy projects and funds. My staff has been gathering the facts on the issues identified and will determine whether an official investigation is warranted. In the meantime, I want to take a moment to discuss the proper process for reporting such issues.

First, a blog is not the proper forum to file complaints of this nature. While I do want to know about potential issues within my command and across the Fleet, it’s also very important that we follow the proper procedures to report these matters. Serious allegations or complaints of this nature – fraud, waste, abuse and the mismanagement of projects and funds – must be properly filed so the right people can look into the matter.
I encourage complainants to first attempt to resolve their issue using the chain of command, if at all possible. For matters that cannot be resolved using the chain of command, the DOD Inspector General (IG) manages a hotline program through which complaints may be submitted by email, letter, fax, or telephone, either confidentially or anonymously. Most echelon 3 commands have an IG assigned, under the supervision of the Fleet Forces Inspector General and should be your first point of contact. If an IG is not assigned to your command, the reporting chain is direct to the Fleet Forces IG.
The IG is responsible for investigating allegations that include the following issues:
  • Abuse of Title or Position
  • Bribes/Kickbacks/Acceptance of Gratuities
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Ethics Violations
  • False Official Statements/Claims
  • Fraud
  • Gifts (Improper receipt or giving)
  • Improper Referral for Mental Health Evaluations
  • Mismanagement/Organization Oversight (Significant Cases)
  • Misuse of Official Time, Gov’t Property, Position and Public Office
  • Political Activities
  • Purchase Card Abuse
  • Reprisal (Military Whistleblower Protection)
  • Safety/Public Health (Substantial/Specific)
  • Systemic Problems
  • Time and Attendance (Significant Violations)
  • Travel Card Abuse
  • Travel Fraud (TDY and TAD)
  • Waste (Gross)
Finally, I want to be clear that I am still very interested in feedback regarding the various topics we routinely discuss on this blog. As I said in my last post, deckplate feedback has been absolutely critical for me to identify and address some of the biggest issues in the Fleet. But I want to strongly reiterate that when the issues involve matters such as fraud, waste, abuse and the mismanagement of projects and funds, we need to ensure we’re reporting those matters through the proper channels.
All the best, JCHjr


Curtis said...

SO, You don't want the truth to raise directly to your level? What about your previous post about Aegis?

Anonymous said...

Curtis, I think you may be confused. After reading the last two posts, I can see that this particular posting involves instances of fraud, misconduct, abuse, and other serious matters that require a "legalese" look into the situation. The Fleet IG works for Adm. Harvey, and as such, is required to report all such matters to him ASAP, but certain protocols MUST be followed, thus the rather lengthy laundry list in the posting.

In the previous posting about seeking the truth, I honestly believe the Admiral was speaking of systems, procedures, etc. that we believe to be "performing satisfactorily," but in fact DO NOT. These are cases wherein all parties honestly feel that systems are working as designed, but in fact are worthless or nearly so. He seems to me to be the kind of guy who "wants to know the truth" even if it's ugly so that he can task someone to "fix" the problem.

Just my two cents, but I don't think Adm. Harvey is trying to "water down" the truth, nor is he "speaking with forked tongue." They are just two entirely different animals and need to be treated accordingly.


ADM J. C. Harvey, Jr USN said...

Curtis/OLDNAVET, sorry for any confusion, but OLDNAVET has it EXACTLY right.
A number of factors in the comments posted in response to my latest Fleet FAM update caused me to get my IG involved to help sort out the facts, the money trail, who exactly authorized what, who ia ccountable for the products and the results, etc.
Always, when there is any potential concerning fraud it's very important to get the IG involved to sort things out - that's precisely what I've done in this case.
Now, hearing from our Sailors and those who have up-to-date knowledge on combat system performance, dificult policy issues or any other performance problems affecting our ability to accomplish our assigned missions is ALWAYS important and is one of the main reasons I started this blog.
I hope we've cleared the air. Thanks for your interest and all the best, JCHjr

Mark Lucitt said...

This is a great blog and a great forum to discuss topics under the purview of U.S. Fleet Forces Command. Has the blog won any awards? If not, it should be recognized for excellence in blogsmanship.